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Our Journey

Our story begins in Singapore, launched an LED neon sign business. Leveraging their experience in product development and social media marketing, the company created custom LED neon signs for local businesses, weddings and events.

The combination of high-quality signs and the ability to custom-design to customers’ specific requirements lead to explosive growth, leading Siasco to invite a couple of e-commerce industry veterans to partner with them. with over two decades of experience in online publication, marketing, and product sales in the US,UK,SG saw the potential to help the company expand beyond its initial market. They proposed a rebrand from the original Neon Collective to Custom Neon® and developed new e-commerce websites to target three major markets with a clear, powerful brand.

As the international orders grew, we saw the need to increase our staff and production capabilities. We added to our teams in SG and the US, including operations manager Kit, and by early 2020 it was clear that we were getting too big for the workspace we had. We moved our Indian operation into an office and production workshop with space to accommodate a quickly expanding team and in-house fabrication.

Features of Our Products

Why We Do It

Our mission is to be the most loved and trusted LED neon supplier. We live by the philosophy that art should be approachable, with easy-to-design, on-trend LED neon signs. We design and create handmade neon signs for every conceivable space or event.

Turn your company logo, a favourite song, quote, child’s name, or even the shape of your dog into a colorful neon sign, table lamp, aesthetic neon sculpture, or wall light. Modern LED neon knows no limits!

What We Do

We create stunning LED neon light art, a wide variety of eye-catching business signs, beautiful wedding name signs, personalized neon signs as gifts, customized neon home decor, and photo-worthy LED neon signs for parties and events.

All of our signs, sculptures, wall art, and lamps are handcrafted using flexible LED mounted on clear acrylic backboards, stands, or boxes. LED flex neon products are more cost-effective, durable, energy-efficient, safer, and lighter than glass neon products while providing an incredible visual impact on par with, or even greater than, what you get with a traditional glass neon sign.

Where You Can Find More Info

To read what our customers have to say check us out on Facebook and Google.

If you want to know more or have any questions about our company, please call, email, or DM us – we’re real people, and we love talking about what makes Custom Neon® the most loved and trusted LED neon sign company!

Modern Neon Signs

Popular in the 20th century, neon light signs are making a serious comeback thanks to a new, safer, more energy efficient and affordable material – LED neon flex. While vintage neon signs used glass neon tubes, modern neon is allowing a new generation to enjoy a high quality neon experience with a greater range of options while costing significantly less!

Thanks to the affordability, energy efficiency, durability and safety of neon LED products, you can now buy neon LED signs and wall decor for a huge variety of uses. Add a stunning addition to your wedding party, create a neon word sign for bedroom or home decor, get a custom personalized name sign for the kids room, add a unique touch with neon bar signs, a neon sculpture, or get a customized neon sign for just about any purpose.

Custom Neon Signs for Business

Businesses are finding that modern neon flex products can be used for more than just neon open signs. Hipster neon word lights feature in co-workspaces; neon wall art adorns coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and diners; neon light up signs appear in beauty salons and barber shops; neon quote signs are found in nightclubs and yoga studios.

Food trucks, pop ups, boutiques, hair salons, and entrepreneurial businesses that cater for the Instagram generation use neon light up signs to great effect. Want to get people talking about your business? Add a neon wall decoration as a backdrop for those all important selfies! Savvy start-ups and in the know marketing agencies deploy on-trend neon art and quirky signs to generate free advertising via social media shares.

Handmade LED Neon Signs & Art

Light up your life with eye-catching signs & wall art for business, events & home decor

Custom Neon® creates beautiful, handmade LED neon signs, light installations, lamps & wall art. Let us light up your business logo, name, favourite quote or image & turn it into something amazing.

The majority of our work – including the signs shown on this page – is done in LED flex, which has become increasingly popular in recent years as a fantastic alternative to the old style neon signs made with glass tubes.

There are some compelling reasons to work with this new technology such as it’s safer, longer lasting, more versatile, and definitely more affordable.

Low Maintenance

Custom Neon’s signs are very hardwearing, easy to clean, and practically maintenance free.

Durable and Affordable

We offer the latest neon flex technology that is less expensive, more robust, and lighter than glass neon signs.

Energy Efficient

Our lighted signs are both economical and eco-friendly. They have low energy consumption and a 50,000+ hour lifespan.


Our signs are made from LED neon light tubes that have no breakable glass and no noxious chemicals. The LED lights do not heat up so they are safe to touch.


Our custom-designed signs are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for corporate events, weddings, wall art, and personalized gift ideas.


Personalized & Customized Neon Signs

All of our signs, lights, lamps,and art are handcrafted from original designs. If you want a personalized neon sign, custom neon word sign, LED bar lights, neon sculpture, or something totally unique we can make it for you!

We have designed a wide range of customized neon light signs for wedding party decor, events and birthdays. Need gift ideas? A customized neon sign is a standout present. Design your own personalized neon name signs for the home bar or garage. How about a wall art neon sign for the bedroom, living room or man cave? Take your pick of our freestanding neon lamps.

Custom Neon Signs for Business

Browse the store for our most popular neon art, aesthetic sculptures, table lamps, and word signs. Our neon name signs can be personalized for kids rooms and weddings. Or go your own way and create something truly unique with a customized neon sign for home or business. Just tell us your idea and we’ll light it up!

Our customized signs are made from high quality LED flex making them more cost-effective, durable, and safer than real glass neon signs while still providing an incredible visual impact. Click here to find out how our process works, custom options and delivery times.

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